zahnakzente! stands for exclusive dental technology, because we find it so rewarding. We value reliable, professional cooperation with our customers and (their) patients, eye to eye.


For us, intensive early planning and communication are the basis of cooperation. We know most of our patients individually. The personal ties that result create trust and the foundation for convincing results. 
Our focus is on ensuring our work is successful in the long term. We use only high quality materials. All the expertise surrounding the technologies lies within our own company. We manufacture our own products. And that makes us independent and flexible.
From the beginning, one of the areas we have concentrated on is all porcelain. Aesthetic veneers and individual crowns, metal-free zircon bridges, single-abutment Maryland bridges, individual implants and slick ceramic telescopes.
Our solutions are as varied as the people they’re made for. The goal is attractive, natural-looking teeth that fit in as inconspicuously as possible.